Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Beauty of the Weed

After spending the last 20 Memorial Day Weekends with Tony Seagroves I was at such a loss to find my self spending number 21 alone. Tony and I hadn't even made our this years Memorial Day plans . It was a nice cool drizzly day Saturday so Lily and I loaded up and went in search of a secluded lake spot where we could stroll along the lake and think of Tony. Everywhere we went the lake docks and parks were full . So we ended up just riding the back country roads that wind along the South Carolina side of the lake and then over into Hartwell Georgia and south along the lake there until we crossed back over the lake and came out in Iva SC . We drove to all the cool places Tony and me always drove to on the weekends......... I stopped and took this picture above of a Thistle . What a beautiful flower and plant and yet we are taght it is a weed and unwanted in our yards. I love the thisltles . Whether it is the beautiful purple or the small yellow ones. .....Today which is Monday Memorial Day Lily and I went to the lake at Latimer where we last went with Tony . Where I had taken the canoe picture 3 weesks earlier. Lily and I walked along the lakeshore. I could picture Tony paddling across the cove and smiling. I could feel his Spitit , his happiness and his connection to the lake there today. Tony was such a nature boy...... I miss him so much. ....... I would like to Thank all the Veterans and Soldiers who have unselfishly served their country above and beyond the call of duty. Happy Memorial Day

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