Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Blues

Here a few of my new pieces that just came out of the kiln. I was in a blue kinda mood when I glazed them. I have the blue dog the blue birds the fairy with the blue flower the blue birdbath . It is a wonderful cloudy day today. My favorite and temps are only suppose to be in mid 80's. Ahh could condition be any better for working outside on the deck creating new pieces of ART? I don't think so . Especially in July. I have 2 commissioned pieces of art to create or start today. Things are looking to the positive again. Of course I try to always remain positive even in the worse of times. Otherwise how would I get through them? ......... July 25th and July 26th Bonnie Bardo's is having here Open Studio Tour at her home/studio in Saluda and she has graciously invited me to put a few pieces of my ART at her house during this time . Bonnie has been working none stop painting and will have many new beautiful paintings for purchase. I am excited and looking forward to seeing Bonnie's new work. She is my favorite Artist ! ...... August 9th from 5-7 I will be having an Opening in Tyron at The Fine Arts Center . The Opening Reception will be held in THe Mural Room. Where you can see all that I have been working on. Everyone is invited.

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS on TWO commissioned pieces! GO, Linda! Keep up the good work, and keep that kiln fired up!