Thursday, August 6, 2009

This picture was taken July 4th while I was waiting on the fireworks to begin. Today is August 7th. Where does the time go?
Tonight I am pitfiring 3 pieces of art . All 3 porcelain. All 3 wrapped with a copper scrubber. Tomorrow evening it will be cooled down enough to see what i have.
I am firing in the firepit that Tony dug for me before he died. He would dig a few shovel fulls every afternoon when he got home from work. Today is the first time I have fired it. I put a little charcoal in the bottom and then put a couple of boxes down and put my pieces in with paper and boxes and everything burnable. Then i piled on top of that small kindling wood I gathered in the woods . Limbs have fallen everywhere and so I can gather up wood quickly . It is the great thing about living in the woods. After I have piled it into a pretty high bon fire I light it and let it burn. I add bigger logs and limbs as it burns hotter.I keep it burning as hot as I can for about 45 minutes and then let it burn out . It will take all day tomorrow to cool down enough to pull my pieces out . Maybe by then I will have found my extra batteries for my camera.

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